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Dessì Pools realizes pools of various types: family, professional and sports of any shape and size, with water recirculation Skimmer and Board level spillway systems, installation, equipping and after-sales service. Dessì Pools is also the innovative outdoor Whirlpool SPA Pools Castiglione to meet the demands of each client.


The skimmer is a “popup”, integrated into the wall of the tank, which has the function of sucking surface water. A removable basket restrains leaves, insects and other impurities of large dimensions, while the water is sent to the filters. With this system, the water level must be maintained approximately 15 cm below the edge, at approximately half the height of the skimmer.

It should be noted, however, that on the inner side of the pool an objectionable black line can form at water level, and it is therefore advisable to create a specific finishing in tiles in the higher part of the pool to simplify cleaning.

Board level spillway

The water of the pool skims and overflows continually in a perimeter channel and flows in a collection tub, called “bath of compensation”. From here it is then sucked by the filtering plant and, after the chemical treatment, sent back to the pool. The Board level spillway has two advantages: aesthetic and functional.

Our pools:

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